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今の私は森羅万象に倣い描いているのです。 その結果生まれる作品はジャンルの境界をまたぎ、 抽象、具象のみならず

多彩なアウトプットとして提示されます。 世界は自然と人間、人間の作り出した物でできています。







My works are inspired by various elements of the world. Perhaps it was because I started my painting career by copying anime works. In addition to nature and humans, the appearance of today’s world also includes many products created by humans. My current paintings all come from this diverse world. The works created in this way not only cross the boundaries of different styles and presented in different forms, but not limited to abstract,

concrete or colorful expressions. I believe that human creations are not entirely original; they are influenced by things created by nature and past artists. They are then filtered and presented by different creators in their own ways. We live in a sea of ​​information. No matter what we see, we have a feeling of déjà vu. Have you ever been confused by the impressions? Is it something you've been browsing on the internet or you've seen in real life? Through my art, I’m looking for a way to share the originality that you have never seen before and the real experiences you can personally feel in real life.                                                   

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